about Nseeds

This is a creation platform where noises gather. The inspiration brought by social environment gives feedback to our body-related creation. Via images, styles and design, thoughts of various artists and creators transform art work into intriguing stories.

Using contemporary noises to create features of the restlessness in our time.” We record and reflect the characteristics of the generations. At a critical point of time, works of Nseeds.tw can be deemed as a database containing things that can be traced back from the future to present. We figure this will be an appealing and unique experience of creation.


用當代噪音,創作時代躁因”,我們記錄並傳遞世代的特質,作為時代脈絡的節點,Nseeds 的作品被視為可由未來回溯現在的資料庫,我們想這將會是有趣且特殊的創意體驗。